XPilot Client version invalid

Went to use the Xpilot client today and was greeted with a message saying client version invaild and was promptly disconnected from the network… I am using XPlane 11. Whenever I open the XPilot client, it prompts me to update to the latest version. Doing this will automatically download the latest version for XPlane12 which is totally useless to me seeing as I use XPlane 11. There is only one option to download for XPlane 11 and every time I do, I get the same result. Would appreciate any advice as to how to fix this.

Hello Jason,

The xPilot download is a combined install package that will install xPilot for both XP11 and XP12 with the same installer.

The installer will first install the plugin for XP12 and then proceed with the plugin for XP11. Since you do not use XP12, simply skip this step (as explained to you during the install), and you can then install the XP11 plugin during the next step.

The developer has created well written and detailed install instructions located on his website.

Ok thanks for the help. I’ll give it a try.

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i been thru the same as Jason said, used the latest version with the XP11 part in its name and when i stared i had to update to the latest version - i clicked thru it and left the install folder empty since i dont own XP12 and when xPilot started it came back with an error msg somthing with a invald childd handle type thing - i am no coder so i dont know what that means - anyhow, regardless the program doesnt start anymore - i tried admin etc etc it doesnt react

ty for your help and iam sorry for my horrible english, its not my native language

thank you so much for your reply Justin,

i will do the following: deinstall thru the deinstalling apps function on win10
manually deleting the …\xPilot folder
manually deleting the xPilot plugin from the …\plugins folder
run Ccleaner and then Ccleaners cleaning registry function
rebooting the PC
downloading and installing the latest xPilot beta version i find on GitHub
during the install process i hit accept, then i leave the folder empty and just hit continue
when its all done prior to starting xPilot for the 1st time i start XP11, ALT-Tab back to xPilot waiting to be allowed to start still and do that … in any case i report back

pls excuse me when i say i dont know what you mean or where to look for regarding EVGA Precision X1 being installed or not - my rigs specs r WIN10, 32 GB RAM, 1TB Samsung SSD, Nvidia 1081Ti and just some old Samsung SyncMaster P2350 with 60FPS since i usually use a Oculus Rift2 for racing sims

MY problem is SOLVED: after deleting a load of xPilot sub.folders and their content on usually hidden paths and paying close attention to NOT click too fast during install and actually using the right path to XP11 when queued on it it all worked out nicely and i am grateful for that …

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Hi Jason @1574590

Were you able to resolve the original issue that you were having?

I have had the same problem which started suddenly about two wks ago.

Updating the app worked temporarily but then didn’t get a solid “Connect” button because the plugin didn’t install. Did a full uninstall and reinstall… and got a nonworking Xpilot app (X’d out faded icon.)

I’m on Mac OSX 10.14.6 - did compatibility with Mac OSX Mojave suddenly end? Is there an older version I can install which can work?