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Will it be possible for us antikusers to get one or two fields on vPilot to just enter the freq. When in conguested area it takes to long time for a single pilot to write the hole sentence (.Com1 xxx.xxx. It would be much easier to just type the freq. in a box for that purpose.
Henning Ringsvold

Not sure. Would be surprised if the developer went that route, but I’ve been wrong before. As evidence, look at my past lottery ticket picks :wink:

Like most things, after 10x doing something, most people become 10x faster.

Out of curiosity, what is an “antikuser”?

Considering the CID: an “antique user”

That is an 80 years oldtimer in aviation that has been doing Flightsimulator for the last 25 years and still flying with the old stuff. Has renewed a little and use P3Dv4 and PMDG without any hope to get 8,33 implemented in the system

it was a norwegian translation

Another alternative – if the controller / frequency is listed in the Controller list, you can click on the position and hit the enter key. That will autotune your radio to that frequency.

That was a realy good tips.
Much easier

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