How to tune 8.33 kHz Frequencies

First of all: Listen Carefully!

With 8.33 kHz, some frequencies have gotten a bit more “complicated”. Therefore, it is more important than ever to tune the frequency exactly as instructed by the controller! Listen carefully and do not second guess. When in doubt what frequency to tune, or when unable to tune an 8.33 kHz frequency, go back to the previous controller and let them know.

Native 8.33 kHz Support

In most cases your simulator will be capable of tuning 8.33 kHz frequencies natively, which means you can tune them from your cockpit radio as per usual by simply turning the dials. However, if you are running older legacy software, or you are flying an aircraft that is simulating older avionics, this might not always be the case. Please follow the instructions below:

Instructions for software without 8.33 kHz support

To tune an 8.33 kHz frequency manually in older legacy software, please use the following command in the text field of your pilot client (vPilot, xPilot or Swift), followed by the frequency you want to tune:


For example if you want to tune the new Frankfurt Ground (EDDF_GND) frequency on 121.805:

.COM1 121.805

To tune another frequency, like the new Amsterdam Tower (EHAM_M_TWR) frequency on 119.230, simply use the same command again:

.COM1 119.230

Problems while flying online?

If you run into problems while trying to tune one of the new 8.33 kHz frequencies when connected to the network, make sure to inform ATC as soon as possible via a text message so they are aware of your issues. You can double click on the controller in the online list of your pilot client (vPilot, xPilot or Swift) to open a private chat, or use the following command:


For example, to chat directly with Frankfurt Ground (EDDF_GND) use:


More Questions?

For any other questions, visit the VATSIM Community Discord and look for the 8.33khz Channels.

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