vPilot showing incorrect model orientation when the user is using GSX pushback

Hi, is there any chance that this could be looked into by the vPilot dev?

When anyone on VATSIM using vPilot on MSFS and GSX pushback, it will display the model in a completely wrong orientation, for example, like this:

406258061_668623045414182_3181231816284372231_n.png (2560×1440) (discordapp.com)

It has already been discussed on the GSX forum, however the general consensus is, that there is a change how MSFS handles the models when compared to the FSX/P3D, and therefore vPilot has to be updated.

Nose high GSX pushback by others on VATSIM/vPilot (fsdreamteam.com)

Could this be looked into? It’s extremely annoying and immersion breaking, specially since MSFS is a major sim on VATSIM, and GSX is one of major addons for it.

Thank you!

Or you and other MSFS20 pilots can choose to NOT use the towbarless pushback truck. Virtuali has found that that is the culprit, not vPilot. Virtuali is looking into making GSX check if the pilot is using multipayer/vatsim/ivao and then only use pushback by towbar. This is NOT only a problem when using vpilot, so the issue should be resolved by Virtuali/FSDT.

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From what I was able to see in the other posts, the problem is truly on the vPilot side.

Strange AI pushback behaviour (pitch) - Support / Pilot Software - VATSIM Forum

Nose high GSX pushback by others on VATSIM/vPilot (fsdreamteam.com)

Let me quote:

"WHY it might have happened. This is a guess (that’s why I used that term), because I cannot possibly know much about vPilot code, but since I KNOW we have different code when dealing with the standard Pitch variable through Simconnect, which is handled differently in MSFS compared to FSX/P3D, I think a possible reason for this is that vPilot uses the same handling in FSX/P3D/MSFS without accounting for the differences in MSFS (the standard multiplayer mode clearly does), and if this is the case, it’s normal that reading that variable from vPilot and using it as in FSX/P3D would surely cause the pitch to be completely wrong.

With the following information, it should be clear there’s nothing we can do from our side to fix this. We are not transmitting anything over the network, we are just setting a variable that is clearly correct locally, how it’s transmitted and received (standard Multiplayer or vPilot), is completely outside our control."

“I’m befuddled. You loaded XPilot in X-Plane 12 and had the exact same issue, so you believe it’s a GSX issue? As far as I know, GSX doesn’t even exist in X-Plane. In fact, I don’t think FSDreamteam even has any X-Plane products at all. Given the above, how would GSX cause an issue in a simulator that it was never even designed for.”

Ah, thanks for the explanation. I have missed this.

If you carefully read Nose high GSX pushback by others on VATSIM/vPilot you’ll see, that GSX Pro is the cause for this or rather Simconnect, which handles the information send to the network. Off cause you can ask vPilot to do something with the information send to them by Simconnect, but it ought to be FSDT, because their way of making pushback by towbarless trucks is the problem.
As Umberto writes in a reply to me:

Quote from: TorbenJA on November 28, 2023, 05:06:23 pm

But it could be even simpler - don’t use a towbarless pushback truck, when flying online?

Or disable the “Pushback Raise” in the airplane profile.

But yes, I guess we might detect Multiplayer (or vPilot), and “cheat” on the Pushback preference and always select Towbar in that case.

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This is definitely a GSX issue. I fly on VATSIM with both XP12 (xPilot) and MSFS2020 (vPilot) all the time. I’ve gone as far as private messaging the person pushing back with their nose either up in the air or burried in the ground asking them if they’re using GSX to pushback. The answer is always yes. I’d wager that 75% of the traffic pushing back in general does not do this funky pitch thing. Again, it doesn’t matter if I’m on xpilot or vpilot, it’s the same observation.

I can only reinforce the replies of others here - the problem lies squarely with the bespoke pushback method developed by FSDT. Specifically, when the user selects the lifting tug for pushback.

While GSX Pro may increase immersion for the person using it, it adversely affects the experience of everyone else at the airfield who has the misfortune to witness a lifting tug GSX Pro pushback.

Until/if FSDT develop a solution, then all that those of us on the network can do is privately, and politely, ask GSX Pro users to use the tow-bar the next time they request a pushback (or disable Pushback Raise’).

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I have been investigating this over the past few days as I was intrigued to see if we could set the sim state on the aircraft as Umberto suggested. Unfortunately its bad news, whilst you can set this flag on the aircraft it does not fix the issue.

It would seem that this is an underlying simulator issue where the velocity vectors are being continually calculated when the aircraft is frozen by GSX. These values are what vatsim / multiplayer are using to create the smooth animation we see between each update.

Here is a picture of the CRJ resting on the tug whilst there is no movement, notice the velocity vectors and also reported speed.

Not sure where the fix lies, probably with Asobo but its possible that the vPilot guys could change how they predict motion when aircraft are on the ground.

Status update: Strange AI pushback behaviour (pitch) - #21 by 887155

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