vPilot not working in FS2020 only

When using FS2020 the frequency is not active (white letters). If I use P3D all is fine.
I am using Prosim 737 and CPFlight radios and I must use FSUIPC in Prosim. If I use Simconnect in Prosim, the frequency e.g. 128.125 shows 128.120 in vPilot and that cannot be use.
There is no issues to log into vPilot, only the letters are white and then I cannot use voice on Vatsim

If you’re referring to the TX/RX letters, if they are gray (not white) then that usually means that the radios are not powered. The SimConnect variables for master switch and avionics power must be on.

Hi, thank you for your answer.
The power is on (the backlight is on, which means GRPrower or generators are on). This is an issue for ONLY FS2020, not P3D. I have no control over when vPilot works or not. I restarts all computers and the same problem occurred. Suddenly, after 5 minutes, everything was ok and I could hear the ATC. I am using Prosim 737 and CPFlight, and for that reason, I MUST use FSUIPC, not Simconnect. If I am using Simconnect, 129.125 shows as 129.120 and the ATC is not at the correct frequense.

vPilot uses SimConnect to read the frequencies and the radio power states. It doesn’t matter if you use SimConnect or FSUIPC in ProSim.

The radios, power (APU, Generator, Ground Power) is on. All lights are ok.
The frequencies in vPilot is white and changes when change my radio.
How can I monitor Simconnect if Simconnect reads “not powered” radios?
I cannot understand why I should have no power in my radio.
All CPFlight modules in CPFlight test software is ok…

What color are the RX/TX letters? Gray or white?

The letters are white and when I change the frequency on the radio it changes in vPilot.

Sounds like it’s working correctly, then. In your original post, what did you mean by this:

Here is the case:

When I use P3D and vPilot, all is fine. I can use Vatsim without problems. Vatsim is amazing.

When I log into vPilot, the letters are light blue when the frequence is active as it should be.

I can listen to the ATC og ATIS if I change frequency, I can also listen to VHF1 and VHF2 at the same time.

So, to my issue, when I am using FS2020, the letters are white only and not active at all.

All setup in my cockpit is like it should be, power, and so on.

The frequencies can be changed if I change it in my pedestal, which means that my CPFlight radios
have a connection to vPilot as I see it. But all letters are white

As I understood, Simconnect has the connection from my radios to vPilot regarding the power settings.
I wonder if my simconnect is failing in my system. I upload to the last SDK version without any improvement

Can you post a screenshot of vPilot when you are using MSFS?

I logged into vPilot, all is working fine for 4-5 minutes, then it logg off. Sometime it works for 4-5 minutes only. Usually, it works not at all. (19 of 20 it do not work at all)



I have just see a pattern when vPilot is logging off. It happens when DEU booting is complete is and IRS is aligning and all “failings” in Prosim is closing. This is when Boeing737 system is booting and is not a failure og course:slight_smile:
Does this make sense?

Since the TX and RX letters are grey, that means the radios are not powered or are failed. The variables that vPilot looks at for this are:


The master battery must be on (a value of “true”)
The avionics master switch must be on (a value of “true”)
The COM status variables must be “OK” (a value of zero)

OK, thank you
Where can I see this?
Why is vPilot working when my cockpit (MIP/system) are booting but when the MIP screens are turning on, vPilot is then turning down…
Where can I read the status you referring to? Is it in Prosim or in Simconnect?
Is this an issue for CPFlight/Prosim or configuration in my cockpit?
Please help me out here… thank you for your support

Those variables that I listed are in SimConnect. vPilot doesn’t integrate directly with ProSim or CPFlight hardware. Everything that vPilot does is through SimConnect.

Does ProSim have a way of viewing SimConnect variables? I use SimAvionics, and it has a screen where you can input SimConnect variable names and it shows you the current values. If ProSim has something like that, I recommend using it to check if those variables have the right values. If not, there are apps you can install on the simulator computer that will let you monitor SimConnect variables.

I disconnect my complete CPFlight pedestal, only using CDU for frequency changes. After a complete restart, vPilot is active in 2 minutes, ATC hear me good, then after 2 minutes, vPilot disconnect. I think I give up and continue with P3D where all works good

In P3D, all is good.

I looks like it was the Prosim 737 flight model that was the issue. Tried with a Cessna 172 model and all works fine. Then delete the PS model and install it againe and it works

Good day sir,

After years of absent I finally come back with MSFS 2020. My previous platform was FSX.

I have this similar issue. The TX & RX are grey or white (as I see it :upside_down_face:)

I was in a Cessna 172 G1000 & Cessna C208 Caravan. I have not test on other aircraft.

I have checked that everything was ON. My aircraft appears in VatView apps. I could receive & transmit via text. But I was unable to hear anything when I checked in to ATIS frequency or other frequency that were available. I was able to change frequency, changed from COM1 to COM 2 (its reacted accordingly), ran vPilot as administrator, restarted vPilot & MSFS.

What else that I have left out then ?

Hoping for your kind assistance.

Thank you very much.