vPilot freezing MSFS

vPilot freezes MSFS Sim after SU13 - Support / Pilot Software - VATSIM Forum was closed so I’m submitting a new report.

MSFS had been acting a little wonky after two years so I uninstalled the whole shebang, and reinstalled everything from scratch. In the interim, the FENIX A320 B2 was released so it was installed instead of B1. That’s the only change.

On the hardware side, I swapped out a non-functioning Logitech USB headset for a new Sennheiser USB headset.

vPilot 3.8.1; MSFS

vPilot intermittently steals focus from the MSFS window, freezing the sim. Removing the USB headset corrects the situation but then I have no means to communicate by voice online.

When the USB mouse is in, I cannot choose Button 1 on my TM Airbus sidestick; I can choose Button 1 if I remove the USB headset.

So, today, I will purchase the same Logitech headset to determine if the Sennheiser is the issue; will report back.

Anyone else have thoughts/fixes?


I’m the guy filing the origin support request.
Bought me a new USB Sennheiser headset too, but did’nt helped.
Got it working with a Sennheiser headset WITH jack plug-in instead usb!
In the meantime since fall23, I figured out, it could be the
Win11 USB Management.
That means, which USB Port has what rights and priorities and whatever.
Never got deep in to it.
I hope, you will find a fix for you soon.

Thanks for the response, Dietmar.

I bought the Logitech H390 headset and my problems disappeared. :+1:

Perhaps an issue with Sennheiser’s built-in soundcard?

FWIW, I’m on Win10.

Oh great, you solve the problem!
So, the Logitech H390 has a USB plug?
Maybe I will try it with my PC.