vPilot freezes MSFS Sim after SU13

After MSFS SU13, when I start actual vPilot, the MSFS2020 freezes instantly !!
Sound stays alive as the vpilot client does. The Sim screenpicture does not take any mouse or keyboard inputs or input from the TCA Cpts Pack devices.
Win 11 runs normal on my other two monitors.
Only the MSFS monitorscreen freezes.
Freeze last 20 - 30 sec and after that time, Sim start working again for about 2 - 3 minutes and …it freezes again. That rhythm runs over and over again !
When a freeze occur and I close vpilot, the Sim start running IMMEDIATELY !! So weird…Have not had vatsim flights for weeks now and all the Simulator fun is gone. Sim runs for 2 years stable.
Looking desperate for help !!!

P.S. During Sim freeze, Task Mgr shows flightsimulator.exe CPU use is down to zero.
I installed vpilot and the hole MSFS new. I got out all add-ons. Freezes still there.
Somehow, vpilot must shut down the Sim !!??

Edit 09Nov23: Have tested older versions of vPilot. Freezes the Sim too.
Got Community folder and modell matching off.
Did again new install of vPilot and MSFS. Nothing helped.

Edit 10Nov23
Remember a post weeks ago, where somebody removed the usb microphone when vpilot freezes the sim.
And it worked !!
Sim runs WITH vpilot stable, but without an usb microphone.
Have to find the post again , to get the workaround !
Somewhat with Windows microphone or USB setting.

Hi and hello!

Have found pretty much the cause for the Sim Freeze problem.

But no solution so far.

I remembered a post which I have read weeks ago when the sim freeze started.

A guy wrote, that he unplugged the usb microphone from the PC und the freezes were gone.

Same at my PC.

Unplug usb mic , vpilot and Sim runs fine!

Only, there is no voice connect to vatssim.

Unfortunately, I can’t find that post again and get the fix workaround.

It was something with Windows USB settings and routing checkings when the PC is running or so …

That causes delays in PC/Mic operation.

Could be,that during my PC change from Win 10 to 11 some settings have been deleted or what?

I have absolut no experience with usb setting.

Never needed.

I use a good quality microphone from “Sennheiser” a world leader company for that device.

So, hopefully I get that post again or some Windows support with usb settings!?

Or do you have any ideas for that.



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