vPilot Audio Stuttering

I would say that in the last couple of days, or since the release of vPilot 3.6.0, I have encountered severe audio stuttering. All research on the topic tells me this is due to not having enough CPU capacity. My PC specs are below:

  • Intel i5-13400F, 2500MHz
  • 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • NVidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti
  • 2TB HDD

This is a new PC, it is pretty powerful. I am currently loaded at the detailed default KLAX, connected to Vatsim. I have limited my FPS to 39 in the Nvidia 3D Settings, and right now my PC is bottlenecked at MainThread (24ms). If I didn’t limit FPS, at KLAX I was running 44fps, at a standard airport it was 60fps. Safe to say my PC isn’t having difficulty running MSFS.

My NVidia settings are all global, except as follows:

  • Threaded optimisation Off
  • Power management maximum performance
  • Max Frame Rate 39

Game mode is off, Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling is off.

I also run FSUIPC 7.3.21.

Could someone please help me out? I really shouldn’t have any issues running vPilot. In fact, until a few days ago, I didn’t.

I can confirm I have read all documentation and run as admin. This problem is consistent with all aircraft, and is slightly improved if I set vPilot to run on a single CPU core (either 0 or 4).

Hello, any one like to take a stab at this one? It is seriously frustrating. I can’t even use vPilot.

I don’t have any brilliant ideas, I’m afraid. All I can do is wonder what might have changed a few days ago for you. Windows update that you could try to roll back to test? Driver update?

Hi there, i’m having the exact same issue right now where the audio litteraly feels like it’s stuttering or broken. Afraid I can’t use Vatsim anymore for now because of this which is really frustrating. I’m also having a message on Vpilot saying I lost connection to the server.

Hi Steve,
Reinstalling or updating the nvidia driver, including the phys and hd audio, solved it for me.


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