VATSIM 8.33 kHz Frequencies Trial

Starting on September 7, a trial with 8.33 kHz frequency spacing will take place in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. The trial will run for a maximum of 3 months (likely shorter).

What is 8.33 kHz Spacing
Reducing the spacing between consecutive frequencies to 8.33 kHz adds two additional channels for every 25 kHz.

This means that the difficulties some divisions and subdivisions have had with reduced frequency availability, which often caused conflicts with neighbouring frequencies, will be resolved.

Why now?
This has been an aviation standard since 2007. VATSIM is always striving to make the operations on the network more realistic. With more and more simulators and addons supporting 8.33 kHz spacing, now is a great time to introduce this to VATSIM.

Minimal impact!
For the vast majority of pilots, there will be no impact. Almost all modern simulators and addons support 8.33 kHz frequency spacing, and you will be able to tune your frequency just like normal.

Over the last few months a network wide connection audit was made, which showed that this change will affect less than 5% of all flights. This means that the vast majority of flights on the VATSIM network will not be affected by this change.

Using legacy addons
If you are flying with an addon or simulator which does not natively support 8.33 kHz frequency spacing, you will need to use your pilot client to tune to a 8.33 kHz frequency.

This can be done through the command .com1 XXX.XXX or by using the Online ATC List.

Affected frequencies for legacy addons
When using legacy addons, frequencies that end in x00, x25, x50, x75 will work as usual, you can still tune them from within your aircraft.

When using legacy addons, frequencies that end in x05, x10, x15, x30, x35, x40, x55, x60, x65, x80,x85, x90 will need to be tuned using the command .com1 XXX.XXX or by selecting the frequency through the Online ATC List within your pilot client.

Native Support
Known addons/simulators that currently do not support 8.33 kHz

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and older versions
Lockheed Martin Prepar3d v4 and older versions

PMDG aircraft (for FSX & P3D)
Quality Wings 787 Series
Majestic Software MJC8-Q400

This list is by no means complete. Other (older) simulators and addons may not support 8.33 kHz either.

If you have any questions, you can ask them on the VATSIM Community Discord in the 8.33khz Channels.