Unacceptable sudden volume increase


Using ATC/vPilot, several times a flight, while a transmission is being made, the incoming audio loudness suddenly increases dramatically with concomitant significant distortion.

Very annoying and possibly unhealthy. Also is a distraction from one duties as a pilot/controller. I do not know if the transmitting party is/is not aware of the problem.

There are dozens of posts about this problem in the old forum most recently Nov 2022. Is a discussion of this issue continuing in the new forum, and if so, where?



This is a known issue with AFV.

Other users have fixed the issue by lowering the volume slider below the middle point, so a negative value.

Does VATSIM intend to fix that at any point? I guess almost everyone has implemented local workarounds to protect from hearing damage by now but that doesn’t make it any more acceptable.

I realize this is an old thread, but in the effort of consolidating feedback I’m asking the same question as others have posed. Is this eventually going to get fixed?

Ideally all controller and pilot software should impose an auto-gain or mic calibration that aims to put every user’s voice at an average decibel value. From there, AFV can adjust based on distance/terrain/etc.

It is getting to the point where the volume sliders are insufficient and I have had numerous flights where I have had to turn down the volume on for an over modulated controller so much that I can barely hear other pilots. Or had to remove my headset while a certain pilot is talking.

As someone with serious hearing loss already, I consider this to be a significant issue.

Same problem at my end. I have to keep my volume sliders where they are so I can understand other people, so turning them down isn’t an option for me. I really hope for a soon fix as this is making flying less comfortable on Vatsim, as I always have to fear that it’ll happen again (and e.g during landing, it’s not really a solution to just mute everything).

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