Unacceptable sudden volume increase


Using ATC/vPilot, several times a flight, while a transmission is being made, the incoming audio loudness suddenly increases dramatically with concomitant significant distortion.

Very annoying and possibly unhealthy. Also is a distraction from one duties as a pilot/controller. I do not know if the transmitting party is/is not aware of the problem.

There are dozens of posts about this problem in the old forum most recently Nov 2022. Is a discussion of this issue continuing in the new forum, and if so, where?


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This is a known issue with AFV.

Other users have fixed the issue by lowering the volume slider below the middle point, so a negative value.

Does VATSIM intend to fix that at any point? I guess almost everyone has implemented local workarounds to protect from hearing damage by now but that doesn’t make it any more acceptable.