Increase of volume while other people talk

since switching to MSFS and vPilot about a year ago, I had some issues with volume of other players. Most of the time, all people have a normal and constant level of volume, but sometimes this level just increases suddenly without any obvious reasons. Most of the time, I’m the only one expieriencing this (as other people don’t mention this). That issue makes the sent out message not only unreadable, but also very painful and unhealthy for my headphones. Is this a know issue and what can I do against it, apart from being ready to instantly turn down the volume of my PC to 0? In some scenarios, this is just not possbile though - (e.g during landing or take off)
Greetings and thanks!

Welcome Niels,

I believe what you are experiencing is on the server side. I get it and seems to be when ATC and a pilot try and transmit at the same time. Actually hurts my ears at times but stops when they stop transmitting. Not sure there is anything a end user can do.

Thanks for your reply. I know what you mean, but that isn’t what I’m expieriencing. Two people transmitting at the same time sounds different. It happens at random times (even on Unicom) where the other person talking just gets incredibly loud. When they start talking, they’re at a normal sound volume, but then the volume just increases - like I’m turning up the volume knob, which I’m certainly not doing. When the transmission is long enough, it get’s really painful.
By the way, when the same person then talks again, it’s usually normal again.

Hello Niels,

The volume issue that you described has been a known issue for a while know.

Here is the last post regarding this issue: