Strange AI pushback behaviour (pitch)

I know this issue is well known as I see on flight simmer streams and I think it’s just an MSFS issue, and maybe specifically GSX users, but is there any fix on the horizon for these wonky pushbacks where the other users have their nose or tail at 45 degrees in the air, or even vertical?

I don’t remember ever seeing this in P3D with GSX. If it’s some kind of data issue couldn’t some code be added to block erroneous pitch data during Ground manoeuvres say under 100kts?



I also see this very often. Would love a fix for this!

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I came here to ask the same thing. Here’s Spirit pushing back at KBOS the other day. Kinda ruins the immersion lol.

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Yep it’s a shame it doesn’t seem to be getting any attention as it’s been an issue for months. I had two aircraft pushing back in front of me the other day and one 767 was perfectly on the ground, and a 737 in front of him had his nosewheel 10ft off the ground.

I would suggest that, if you don’t like the behavior exhibited due to the failure of a developer’s software, you contact the developer to investigate, find the root cause of the problem and solve the problem. You can get sympathy here, but you should push for the root cause to be solved with the developer.