Planes not correctly positioned in airport

Hi, When I am at an airport online with Vatsim I sometimes see a plane which is not correctly positioned, instead of being horizontal on the ground it is sometimes at 45 degrees 10 meters over the ground… when it moves this problem sometimes disapear… Anybody else has this from time to time? Is there something to be done?

Hi Marc, This is generally due to the differences in scenery and the simulator. It happens that the ground elevation can be widely different between FSX to P3D to FS20, and even within each sim I can get large variations in elevation.

There isn’t one standard for the scenery because we can all change our own in our sim.

The issue you’re seeing is probably related to this:

Yes it is exactly related to this!!! I think it is not a difference in elevation of sceneries since the plane has an inclination of 45 degrees and is around 10 meters over the ground as in picture below:

The problem is that it tend to happen more and more often… Hope something can be done…

For info I think I never had this issue in IVAO so it seems it is a VATSIM specific issue…

Learning all the time. I didn’t know GSX caused that on VATSIM. I wont re-install it.

I think this is what you are referring to?

It is essentially a GSX Pro issue. GSX ‘freezes’ the aircraft while pushback takes place allowing additional animations to synchronise (I’m guessing ground staff movement, etc.). While other pushback add-ons use standard SDK library methods to push the aircraft back, FSDT developed their own methods and this causes the issue.

To the user, everything looks fine. However, the remote representation of the user’s aircraft, i.e. in MSFS Multiplayer or VATSIM, can be oriented incorrectly in terms of pitch and/or altitude. Its seems that a commanded change in aircraft pitch can also change its altitude.

For a add-on which is aimed at providing the user with greater immersion, its ironic it destroys it for others on the network. I hope it is resolved soon.

However, there may be an existing workaround. I have been told that the nose up/down craziness does not happen with the towbar (or when “Pushback Raise” is disabled in the airplane profile).Therefore, as long as the user does not use the lifting pushback tug, the pushback animation should appear correct by network users. I’ve asked this to be confirmed.

I believe that FSDT are in touch with Ross Carlsson to understand how this might be managed/limited/resolved…


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