EuroScope v3.2.9

Hi. After an extensive bug fixing, mostly based on sentry LOGs, EuroScope v3.2.9 is available to download:


Hi Gergely, thanks again for the new version.

Our vACC plugin has been causing ES to crash since version 3.2.8. The offending code is shown in red, which throws an access violation. Strangely the green code works perfectly, even though they should behave identically, since C++ short circuits the && operator. As far as I can tell, the only reason these would not be identical is if the && operator is overloaded for the CController class. Can you confirm whether this is something that changed between 3.2.7 and 3.2.8?


Hi, I agree that these solutions look quite the same.
I checked, but there is no change in any of the above functions since 05/08/2023.
Does it happen with v3.2.9? I see only a single LOG in sentry with this version. And that is cased by the VATeirControllerPlugin. Is that you?

What I see problematic with VATeirControllerPlugin is that it runs its own thread. EuroScope is not thread safe, so calling any EuroScope function from a new thread might cause problems.

Yes this still happens in 3.2.9. I’ve tested it a few times on VisualStudio so it may not have generated Sentry logs for those. Indeed, VATeirControllerPlugin runs on multiple threads. This is to stop EuroScope from freezing when making API calls for example.

METAR list showing fancy stuff

Around 50 min into the session, one of the ASR views didn’t display all the elements anymore when switching between different views (F7). Moving the map wouldn’t make any difference. Only zooming would. It was not consistent, but in around 50% of the cases. So I had always to zoom first when going to this ASR. That’s a bit anyoing.

So I got this:

instead of this:

@904331 After some more testing, I can confirm it’s the threading leading to the access violation. As I mentioned though, without the threading, EuroScope freezes for up to several seconds during time-intensive operations (such as some http API calls), which makes it completely unusable. As far as I can tell, most large plugins use threading for this reason. Do you have any suggestions for ways we can address this?

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Yes, same here. Only for some airports. Mostly EBCI on our setup.

Having same issue for ESSB now, did not have that issue as few days ago, both times ESSB ATIS was online by vATIS (by another controller)

Another issue with the ATIS. If you try to connect an ATIS that is already staffed, I get a “Unauthorized client software” message in the server channel and ALL ATIS connections are removed.

And one point for the wish list: switching between the ATIS dialogs with a single click would make life easier, as you usually setup whatever ATIS you need when you have started your session. So just switching to the next “ATIS tab” would be very convenient.

When starting to track an aircraft, the aircraft info and capability data provided to a plugin are initially incomplete (or set to a default value, as it seems). The aircraft info in this state is always [ICAO]/[WTC]-VGDW/C and the capability char is empty. This will change upon the next time requesting this information. This worked prior 3.2.3.

Example: ‘A20N/M-VGDW/C’ directly when starting to track an aircraft. Requesting the information again will return ‘A20N/L’.


Same bug as in 3.2.7 still exists:

It looks like the drawing on the radar screen is only triggered by zoom/panning of the radar screen itself.


It looks like when I do a sweatbox session with this version together with the Topsky plugin, the label text color doesn’t turn “redundant” (brown) color. Only the leader line and the box around the label when selected is in the right color. Why did this change?

UPDATE: on the proxy instances the problem isn’t there. There, the color state is correct. It seem that the problem is reversed as before in version 3.2.4 (I think). This is worse…


Not only, but one of the Refresh trigger. Plugin developer can force Refreshing by plugin.

Oops. That is really “fancy”. Did you have valid airports there before that? Do you happen to know what stations are display like this?

I am working on this with Juha and the TopSky plugin.

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Unfortunately I have no quick and easy solution.
I am thinking on how to handle plug-in API updates. Also thinking about going up to 64 bits (that requires plug-in updates too). May be I have to think about making API calls thread safe too. But it will take some time.

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I saved the disconnect issue to be fixed.
About the next ATIS: you can use the toolbar 4 ATI buttons even when the dialog is opened.

Can you provide me a LOG with that?

No, had those entries starting with 3.2.9. I’m no sure if these entries are supposed to be from actual airport. Looking at the order, the first could be for EDNY, the one in between LSZC and LSZH probably LSZG.