EuroScope v3.2.8

Hi all. As suggested a new release is ready for controlling. Check the details at

I tried to fix many items from the bugs you found in the previous version.
Next to that there are two major changes:

  • Sentry integration: I will receive crash dump information directly. You do not need to send them.
  • ATIS letter handling: Complete rewrite. It handles multiple ATIS connections to the same airport. Details at the The Metar List paragraph at



First greeting of 3.2.8 after a short time online as OBS was a crash. Looks like a report was generated :grimacing:

What exactly is supposed to be orange here? The words “Departure list” etc?
I was able to change the header to a different color but the title bar didnt seem to change.

Another thing I noticed is that the ASR bug still persists, unfortunately

Airport data on ACC view

ACC data on the airport view

Observing for a few minutes, i noticed the fix for the scrolling that was implemented. The scaling is a bit less overdrawn but still clearly visible.

Since there is the checkbox, i tried without background zooming, but there the performance hit for zooming is still huge, so i had to switch back to continue testing.

Apart from the zooming issue, i did not notice any performance drops. Looking forward to testing in a controlling session.

When trying to control with 3.2.8 i received all the ATIS notifications from all active ATISes around me which was multiple per minute. I had to switch to the older version.

I received ATIS from completely unrelated places, like northern germany and slovenia when controlling in switzerland, this was too confusing.

Is that a bug on my end possibly?

Indeed, ATIS notifications play the chat notification sound. Seems like it happens for all stations in range.

I found a bug during Sweatbox. As soon as you start a scenario, all runways deactivate.

When you try to activate them again it just doesn’t take it. When you activate them and click OK they remain deactivated even if you go back in the menu they’re all unselected again.
Did something change here?

UPDATE: It looks like it has something to do with this setting:

When I enable this I have the problem even when in the sector file the airports are correctly assigned:



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Hi again,

I have another feature request next to the more than 4 active runways in a sweatbox scenario:
Make it possible to let traffic spawn on a more precies time. Now it’s only in minutes but it should be great if it can be in seconds or in decimal minutes like this:
START:0.5 (in minutes)
START:30 (in sceonds)

thanks for considering


Hello, gentlemen , 2 major bugs. 1. the one while zooming in / out , the image is getting blurry instantly that’s really annoying. had to switch to 3.2.3 this is the most stable version till now FYI… 2. multiple atis letters updated from neighbouring stations. other than that seems good. i think that something went totally wrong from 3.2.6 and on…

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Nothing should be orange there. You can only change the size, but not the color. The color belongs to ES style.

Can you report it to the plug-in developer too? Surely ES changed, but I need input what is different from the view of the plug-in.

I noticed that too on CTL. Old ES private messages were not filtered out. I fixed it.


Ad 1 - Disable “Zoom in background thread” option in general settings.
Ad 2 - Check the ATIS letters at

Gergely, thanks for the info. i still see some lagging when i move the screen for a couple of milliseconds. and something else. when i open my runway dialog the dep / arr squares are empty so i need to check them again. but after a couple of minutes they get empty. and something else. in previous versions when you opened the runway dialog and closed it , the metars changed color considered as ‘‘read’’ , now it doesnt do that. the good thing withthe new metars is that they are in alphabetical order

Another strange thing found:
I constantly hear the clicking sound of a privat chat message comming in without actually receiving one…

I seem to have the same bug @815026 encountered, but it happens on the network for me as well. Unchecking the tickbox does fix it. Doesn’t seem to be a display issue, as the ATIS generator will error out with a message about checking runway config while the box is ticked and the dialog shows no runways.

Can also confirm that bug. Not constant for me, but bursts of roughly ten clicks do happen

Hi Gergely,
I noticed something I assume a bug.
I’m a plugin developer myself. When I try to debug my plugin, I need to test its stability when I rapidly switch from ASR to ASR with the F1+1~9 shortcut. However when I go fast enough, Visual Studio prompts me something went wrong with stack. From the stack view I don’t see it has anything to do with my plugin, and afterwards I try to unload them and still use the debug mode, the problem still appears. I also tried it outside of debug, ES crashes directly. I guess the rapid ASR switch is the cause, and I tried disabling “Zoom in background thread”, same thing happens. I tried downgrading to 3.2.3, every thing works fine.

UPDATE: It seems like an issue with Topsky. Unloading Topsky and ES doesn’t crash. I will report in their thread.

Having the same issue.
Disabling the “Set active APT by owned sectors” fixes it, the runways stay after re-enabling it, but if the sector ownership somehow changes after having re-enabled the setting the runway selections disappear again.