EuroScope v3.2.7

Once again thank you for the feedback. I tried to fix most of the real problematic ones:


The 1/3 screen size issue I brought up in the last thread, is resolved in this version.

Performance seems to be better. TopSky works. Looks promising.

Hello and thank you again for the continuation of your work!

Could you enable ATIS for DEL and FSS please?


Hi Gergely, this seems much better than the previous.

The functionality of pressing ESC twice to deselect the aircraft on the text chat now doesn’t seem to work. This was the case in previous versions.

Even the message box suggests differently, FSS should be able to serve ATIS.

Understood. Could DEL be able to open an ATIS too?

It is permitted under the ATC Frequency and Information Management Policy.

I already added. In the next release you will be able to use.


Thanks. I can confirm that GRP also works fine again.
The performance seems to be generally better.
However, i just compared the scroll lags with thread outsourcing disabled, and there, the scrolling lags still persist. After leaving the scope run for a few minutes as an observer, the latency between physically scrolling the mouse and the scopes zoom reaction is between half and one second. With threading on, the scroll happens immediately, but the screen features remain blurry (scaling), for about the same amount of time.

In the old version we use in the vACC at the moment (r34), with the exact same sector file and asr, the screen updates pretty much instantly upon using the scroll wheel.

Right now, sadly, i’m left to choose between two suboptimal solutions (scroll lag or blurry screen). For some reason, old Euroscope seems to be much faster in rendering those screens than this current version. If this could be somehow solved, that would be absolutely fantastic.

Thanks so far, i’ll keep testing, but up until this point i did not notice anything else thats (too) off.

quick edit: After writing this post i checked again to see if the scroll lag worsened and indeed, i’m now up to 1 to 2 seconds from the physical scrolling to the effect in the scope, without threading. In threaded “mode” it seems, the time the screen remains blurry is pretty much stable at approx. half a second.

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In older versions we could send the current ATIS letter to other stations by pressing the “Test URL” button, e.g. if new controllers are coming online. This was changed so that the button would not send the ATIS letter to other stations. Now one has to change the ATIS letter back and forth to accomplish this.

Additionally, to change ATIS URL parameters, previously one could change the URL while the ATIS is connected and just press “Test URL”. Nowadays the ATIS needs to be disconnected to change the URL and then reconnected again.

Could these two annoyances be fixed, please?

General sync of the ATIS letters would be a nice thing to see, ES always lacked in this terms. vATIS did it simply better.

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One more thing Gergely, I know you mentioned it could be introduced but not really at this moment:
Allowing OBS rated controller to take sweatbox connections as an active controller. This is crucial as with the new GCAP and proposed VATEUD Division Policy we will need it extensively to be possible.

Thanks in advance.

Would also like the ability to see both the arrival and departure ATIS for other controllers not hosting the ATIS.

Thanks Gegerly, but we have a problem that we cant fully identify yet.
We are trying to use TopSky 2.5b7, and we have the maps build in there and when we try them in sweatbox or online as an obs position everything works fine.
The problem comes when we go online as an active position and online the Euroscope versions since 3.2.4 keep crashing between 0 and 20 minutes after being online. Depending on the amount of traffic and ATC around. Thats strange because we can use Euroscope 3.2.3 online and active with as much traffic as it can be without crashing. Please let me know if i can send yo some file that can be useful for you.

  • Aircraft performances are load from an external file (AircraftPerformance.txt).

How can the path to the performance data file be configured? It’s not being searched relative to the loaded profile and I can’t find anything related in the documentation.


That is unfortunately not the answer to my question. I noticed the error message that the performance data is being searched in %HOME%\Documents\Euroscope\Datafiles.

However, I want to distribute the performance data with our pack so I need to configure a path in the profile that is relative to the loaded profile like it is done with other data files:

Settings	aircraft	\EDMM\ICAO\ICAO_Aircraft.txt
Settings	airlines	\EDMM\ICAO\ICAO_Airlines.txt
Settings	airportcoords	\EDMM\NavData\icao.txt
Settings	airports	\EDMM\ICAO\ICAO_Airports.txt
Settings	airways	\EDMM\NavData\airway.txt
Settings	alias	\EDMM\Alias\alias.txt

Oh, ok, probably someting like this in that case:

Settings performance \EDMM.…\AircraftPerformance.txt

I’m not sure that’s needed. An OBS rated controller can connect on Sweatbox as an S1 for instruction purposes. That’s what we do here at least

No, it cannot since some last few versions.