Delivery can't setup ATIS with new Euroscope

I know that it was removed with the new Euroscope versions.
Whats the reason for that?

In my opinion he is setting up a Active DEP rwy by issuing a clearance.
also according rating policy he must Issues a appropriate clearance and departure instructions,
which include checking the correct ATIS letter.

Hope we get that ATIS feature back

P.S.: I know he is not responsive for the Runways, but GND is also not but allowed do make a ATIS

ATIS should only be Tower and above IMO.

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its not regulated by VATSIM how is allowed to setup an ATIS, its only written that tower must have the competency to generate ATIS, but not that only he is allowed
but as I wrote, basicly DEL already setup an active Departure rwy, so it should also be published to the pilots

So if I get a Delivery Clearance, with no other TCO online, why can’t I taxi wherever I wish, and depart on any runway I choose? I am not under control of a TCO! If you suggest that pilots must obey all instructions until another controller changes it, then we have a big problem. I simply cannot see any use of any TCO below Tower doing an ATIS, they simply do not have authority to select runway arrangements.
If I land on a runway other than the one a DEL has provided in an ATIS, what is the problem, I am uncontrolled.

One of the topics of the latest BoG meeting was the ATIS policy and Ground controllers. We should see something soon about this

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