Agenda: VATSIM Board of Governors Meeting 2023Q1 - 15 APR 2023

The Board of Governors Meeting for 2023Q1 (January through March) will take place at 2000UTC on Saturday 15 Apr 2023.


  1. Open meeting, roll call, apologies, and proxies (Tim Barber)

  2. Ad hoc votes since the last meeting (Don Desfosse)

  3. Membership Key Metrics (Alan Cooke)

  4. VATSIM Funding Status (Tim Barber)

  5. Old Business
    5.1. Technical Project Pipeline Summary (Matt Cianfarani)
    5.2. Pilot Accountability Project Update (Simon Kelsey)
    5.3. Potential Airport and Event Rating Systems (Nick Cavacini)
    5.4. Reviving GCAP Project (Simon Irvine)
    5.5. Update on Hall of Fame and Awards Program (Roger Curtiss)
    5.6. ATIS Policy and Ground Control (Tim Barber)
    5.7. Policy Update Status (Don Desfosse)
    5.8. New forums update (Jannes van Gestel)
    5.9. IFR pilot training/certification (Nick Cavacini)
    5.10. VATSIM Vision and Mission Statements (Jannes van Gestel)
    5.11. Third-party applications (Matt Cianfarani)

  6. New Business

  7. Departmental Updates
    7.1. President – Tim Barber
    7.2. Operations – Don Desfosse
    7.3. Americas Region – Mani Manigault
    7.4. Asia Pacific Region – Anastasios Stefopoulos
    7.5. Europe, Middle East, and Africa Region – Simon Irvine
    7.6. Technology – Matt Cianfarani
    7.7. Supervisors – Nick Cavacini
    7.8. Conflict Resolution – Nicola Felini
    7.9. Membership – Alan Cooke
    7.10. Virtual Airlines and Special Operations – Roger Curtiss
    7.11. Pilot Training – Simon Kelsey
    7.12. Marketing and Communications – Jannes van Gestel

  8. Any other business (Tim Barber)

  9. Close meeting (Tim Barber)

Are the meeting minutes available anywhere?

@1504233 Board of Governors Minutes

Yep, were released 27 Jun 2023. Just awaiting them being posted. Your timing for the post was nearly perfect; I just sent a reminder a few hours ago asking the status of them being posted. They should be posted soon.

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Any updates on this?

I’m away on holiday and for some reason the docs page doesn’t show on my phone, with two browsers attempted. Assuming you asked because you don’t see it posted yet, all I can say is that I’ve been asking Tech for a couple of weeks to post the minutes. I have sent a couple of reminders as well. I am hopeful they will post them soon. I know a couple of the Tech folks that would normally post the minutes are away on travel as well. I will check again when I return next Wednesday. I have very little Internet connection while away.


It’s available now :slight_smile:

Excellent. I asked again yesterday, extra nice this time. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience!