COPX alt not shown in Tag

Hey everybody
having a strange behavior with 2 Airports in LZBB.
LZBB_CTR should send the Airplanes to LZIB_APP at FL130.
I have as example these line for that:


the center only get shown the RFL instead of the handover altitude.
but if you show routing it write FL130 at NIT

If I change NIT to an asterix it works in the TAG.
same behaver with all Arrival points in LZIB and also in LZKZ.
could someone help me?

framed is the LZBB_CTR sector, left of it LZIB_APP

Ok, so the catching seems not to be the issue. Possibly the performance? If a COP level cannot be reaching according to the ES performance (climb/descend) calculations, it will not show it anymore in the label. You can test it by either increasing the distance of the aircraft to the point, or lower its altitude.
I think this was also recently discussed because of the limited update options. So possibly, the aircraft type may have an influence as well.