Add new aircraft types

Hello @904331 ,

It looks like the Aircraft performaces are hard coded in EuroScope.
Can you or update them or make it possible to use an external file so we as users can start adding ‘new’ types?
More and more plugins rely on correct profiles. I have the impression that if a ATYP is not in the database some kind of default performace is used that is absolutely not correct.
For example whan using an AMAN plugin, the sequence is totally messed up when a B77W or A20N is involved.



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Although it’s missing from the scenario editor, the facility to define aircraft performance is described in the manual. You can add this data to a scenario file (but only by editing the text file directly). I’ve used it to define these new types and I believe it works.


Hi, I’m not talking about scenarios. EuroScope is using the calculated profile for a lot of things like ETO and sector sequence just like its real life counter part system.
So what I actually ask is a seperate file where we can add the profile of new aircraft types for which the prifile is not included. There is a gigantic differance between A320 and A20N for example because the A320’s profile is somewhere hard coded and the N20N’s profile isn’t.
For the A20N some kind of default is used that is way of the real flown profile.
So I’m aware of the option to add types to a scenario but that is not what I ask here.

Anyway thanks for your reply!


I agree this would be very useful to define performance profiles for newer aircraft types!