Cannot upload Plugin CoFrance

I have installed Euroscope 3.2.9 from scratch on my new computer. All went well except that I cannot load the PlugIn CoFrance that is required in France.
I have raised a ticked in French vACC but, after many trials, I am still having the error : EuroscopePlugInInit function caused an exception in C:\User…
I have uninstalled this version, installed an older one, still the issue exists.
I have uninstalled the latest version and installed a Beta and still the problem exists.
From the VatsimUK, I found a possible solution by installing the MSVC Redistributables. But it did not resolve the issue.
I am feeling that my computer is reluctant to this software :slight_smile:
Can someone help me finding a way to solve that?
Thanks in advance

Most vACCs don’t recommend using 3.2.9 as there are quite a few issues with it and rather recommend or While I’m not sure what the current position of French vACC in this regard is, it may be worth checking if their package works with one of those versions and asking facility engineering staff in the vACC which Euroscope version is currently recommended.

Thanks for your reply. I will return to the vACC then. But they seem overwhelmed by the problem. I will try a reinstall from scratch again.

I am trying to download the version that you suggest but the links are disabled. How to get the software then?

ASAIK Euroscope has changed the authorization protocol, so only the new version are to be used. Therefore all plugins needs to be reworked for the new Euroscope version. So whoever made the CoFrance plugin needs to look at it again.

Definitely a case for the plugin developer to check and troubleshot.

Check out this post for the version of 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 with authentification: Euroscope Mandatory Update - Authentication Changes - Support / Controller Software - VATSIM Forum