Euroscope Mandatory Update - Authentication Changes

To All VATSIM Controllers,

In the near future, Euroscope will be updating its authentication method when connecting to the VATSIM network. All Euroscope users will be required to update their Euroscope client to the latest version in order to continue connecting to the VATSIM network. The update is necessary to support the new token authentication process.

Once the update is mandatory, older versions of Euroscope will not be able to connect to the network anymore.

We recommend that you update your Euroscope client as soon as possible. You may download the desired updated version at v3.2.2.2 and v3.2.3.1 with TOKEN authentication – EuroScope.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the update process, please reach out to the Euroscope support team or your local VATSIM division for help.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and preparedness for this important Euroscope update.

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The above versions are updated to request new TOKENs for ATIS connections too: v3.2.2.3 and v3.2.3.2 with TOKEN authentication update – EuroScope

How to update it correctly? Windows is telling me I already have a newer version installed, even though I have

Unfortunately I am unable to change the installer version number as the numbers above are already in use.
That way you can upgrade only in a way that you uninstall your current version and install the (same version) from the upgraded installer.
The version number in Windows will remain the same, but the EXE version will be different.

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