8.33Khz in Europe


What VATSIM ATC stations in Europe currently conform to the 8.33Khz frequency spacing?


As was pointed out in the announcement, the trial is taking place in Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. As for Germany, all currently approved stations that use 8.33kHz channels IRL also do so on VATSIM, I am fairly certain the same is true for the Netherlands, but the UK has held off on changing some of their stations, if I’m not mistaken. Generally speaking, however, where a frequency is on an 8.33kHz channel IRL, it will also be on that exact channel for VATSIM - other countries in the EUR region will most likely update their frequencies once the trial has been concluded successfully (which - according to the people in charge - will be rather sooner than later). For a detailed list of all currently approved stations and their accompanying frequency, you can check the region’s frequency list.

The list that you have linked is not comprehensive as it only has three entries for Stansted (EGSS), two of which are for APP the other is for the DIR.
There are no entries for TWR or GND which are the two frequencies with which we had problems on Wednesday.

What exactly is your question and point @1176727 ?

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It is not a question; it is a statement addressed to David.

Well, then the Brits have not taken good care of keeping their frequencies up to date in the list.
As far as I’m aware, at least the vACCs that are part of VATEUD need to update their stations/frequencies in the list (Mattia can confirm or deny this, I didn’t find anything in my two minutes skimming the policies), but the UK is not part of VATEUD anymore, so who knows. I can tell you with absolute certainty, though, that the frequencies for Germany are all correctly entered there.
But where the list isn’t complete, my other statement still holds true: where there are 8.33kHz channels used IRL, you can assume they are being used on VATSIM (for now only in the three trial countries, but as I said, I assume most other countries will update their frequencies as well when the trial has been concluded successfully). For that, you can check the charts and/or the AIP of the respective country.

That list, as you’ve correctly identified, is a VATEUD list.

VATSIM UK (from my experience) are very good at communicating changes - as evidenced by this forum post: 2023-09-07 - 8.33 kHz Trial - UK Frequency Changes (Phase 1) - ATC Temporary Instructions - VATSIM UK