Xpilot window wont open

When I open xpilot from my desktop shortcut, a window opens and appears on my task bar, but I cant actually get it to open on my screen. when I hover over the icon on the taskbar, I can see a preview of the window, but I cant open it. I have tried a clean install, and restarting my machine. I am running windows 11

Hello Aidan,

Try the following solution that was provided by Justin (xPilot developer) on his Discord server. Another person experienced the same issue about a month ago and it worked for them.

“You could try resetting the window coordinates in the config file. Find the AppConfig.json file in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\org.vatsim.xpilot (replace USERNAME with your actual computer username). Open the file with a text editor (Notepad will work), and find the WindowConfig section. Change the X and Y values to 0. Save and close the config file and try opening xPilot again.”