XPILOT VR floating message window in the way all the time

In VR , the controller window remains FIXED in the VR space where you drag it - perfect , but the Xpilot message window just pops up right in front of the VR space even if moved away …next time it pops up…its basically in the way …
Is there ANY way it can be fixed in VR space…exactly like the Nearest controller window?
Its pretty disconcerting to have it pop up in front of you randomly when a text message is sent to another pilot… fingers crossed !

Anybody got any comment on this…it really ruins the VR experience…Xpilot popped up a text message to another pilot right in front of me just as I was flaring last night !

Guess as they say “some fell on stony ground” … LOL…would really appreciate any thoughts on this. !

I assume you’re referring to the Notification Panel:

Due to limitations with the X-Plane VR API, a VR window cannot be programmatically placed in a specific location. Because of this, the notification panel will be placed front and center each time it opens. As a workaround, toggle the notification panel (either through the plugin menu or via a binded command) to force the panel to stay open and then move it someplace else (like in the co-pilots seat).

Thanks Justin…yes the notification (text message) panel… I do understand the XP limitation of panels in VR and was just puzzled that the online controller panel stayed put… Now in experimenting , if I open the notification panel FIRST before anybody sends a text message on the channel im on and move it, that works… (I do have it on a toggle) I now see that if opened automatically by a text message it goes in front… so the trick definitely is to open it first before that happens and place it along with the ATC online panel… I wasnt always doing that as for obvious reasons I never use text in VR … appreciate the help !