XPilot Stable version

When will we see a stable version of XPilot that actually works. I’ve been prompted to update my Xpilot to the latest, but it keeps downloading Beta versions that does not seem to work. On installation it prompts with a message that a chill process has been killed (whatever that means).

The Bluebell CSL models does not download either. The link to download the documentation does not work either.


PS: You will find me on POSCON or IVAO until this is sorted out.
Have a nice day!!!

Windows 7 Pro
Asrock H-M81GL 4th Gen
4790K CPU
8 Gig RAM
500Gig HDD + 1 Tb HDD
GTX1650S Graphics
X-Plane 11.50

All dependencies and folders were deleted

If you completely deleted the C:\Program Files\xPilot folder and reinstalled, it should work.

Also, only Windows 10 (or newer) is supported. From your screenshot, it appears you’re running Windows 7.

Giving the same problems on Windows 10,AMD Ryzen 5, 16G RAM, 500 gig NVme, dedicated 512G VRAM

I’m afraid the problem lies on your end. I always update to the latest xPilot version and don’t have any problems. The only Plugins I have are Aerobask DA50 and Skunkcrafts.

(Windows 11), (X-Plane 12) (i7-13700K), (RTX4080 16GB), (32GB DDR4 4800)

Two different machine, one XP11 installation with all the bells and whistles, the other - a clean installation with no plugins???

Now you explain this

Post a screenshot of your xPilot folder.

It does not even want to install, Looks like I am shelving XPlane 10 and Xplane 11, as Xplane 10 is not even supported anymore by VATSIM, maybe VATSIM should consider supporting older flight simulators as well as IVAO still support FS9 and Xplane 10. Stop worrying about MSFS and Xplane 12. I will be reverting back to FSX hoping that VPilot is still supported and still working.


It is individuals that sponsor their time to make it possible for us to use this network for free. Please keep that in mind.

VATSIM had a big network update last year that dropped support for older X-Plane clients like XSquawkbox and all older versions of other clients (Announcement). Hard cuts are sometimes necessary to evolve.

There are 2 supported pilot clients (swift and xPilot) for X-Plane. Both opted to support only X-Plane 11+. Both are open source which would even allow knowledgeable developers to build an X-Plane plugin version including support for earlier versions - but that requires people doing it. You can politely ask for support or contribute code or pay someone to do that with open source software.
Same with the Windows version: There are technical reasons to require specific versions. It could be done differently, but then again that needs people dedicated to that goal.

Before stating that a software does not work make sure you meet the requirements:

Then if you want to solve your problem, please follow the advise of Justin. He has been trying to help you.

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How can I even send a screenshot if it does not want to install?

@1380324 Justin suspects that there is something left over in your install folder, which is probably C:\Program Files\xPilot.


Xpilot folder is not even there, nothing in the registry either

You ask in your original post about a stable version of xPilot that works. However, there are over 3.200 users that connect to our community every day that successfully use xPilot and XPlane 11.5 or above. And since no one else is complaining, I would guess that it is “stable enough”…

Now, to try to help you in any way that I can. I’m afraid I do not run XPlane or therefore xPilot, so may not be of much help. But I am sympathetic, in spite of your mean/jerk comments about poscon and ivao, that you cannot install and run.

All I can think of off the top of my head:

  • Verify you are running Win10 or Win11, 64 bit
  • Verify you are installing as admin
  • Verify you are using XPlane 11.50 or above

I wish I could be of more help and solve your problem with confidence. But we, as a community, care, and will try to help, in spite of your mean-spirited comments about poscon and ivao.

Yes, when simulators and clients have been abandoned many years ago, sometimes, for the greater good, VATSIM needs to abandon older simulators and/or clients, to ensure the best possible experience for our 900,000+ users. I’m sorry if that leaves a few people behind, but we do very consciously consider how many/few people would be left behind before we advance, and have been very conservative with respect to moving forward vs. leaving anyone behind, even if that latter number was very, very small.

In any case, I hope this guidance helps; please let us know (nicely) if any of this helps.

Please let us know if these questions/thoughts help at all.