xPilot Settings Window Size Anomaly

I have had the problem where the Settings Window reverts to a smaller sized window that prevents viewing and editing the lower half of the window. The ‘stretch’ handles also do not work.

I use three monitors ( 1 x 28", 2 x 23") all at recommended resolution settings.

The solution I have found is to do the following:

  1. Start xPlane 11
  2. When loading completed, start xPilot
  3. Before clicking on the Settings tab, move the xPilot window onto the larger main screen in the centre of the screen.
    Now click on Settings and edit as required.
  4. Close Settings window.
  5. Move xPilot window to position of choice on any screen, but not near a screen edge.

If you do not follow this routine the Settings window will revert to error form as soon as you try and move it. If this happens, then start routine again.

If you place the xPilot window too close to the top screen edge, then when you access the Settings menu you will be unable to close it as the ‘X’ box to close it is off screen. Use CTL-Alt Delete to close xPilot and start routine again from step 2.

I have tried several recommended work-arounds, but this is the only one that works for me.

I can randomly reproduce this on my end. I’ll look into the window management code and see what I can do about this.