Xpilot plugin not showing up (Xplane 11)

I believe that I have followed all the correct installation procedures for XPilot, however after I start up xplane 11 and load into a flight, the plugin does not appear in the “plugin” section in the top left. The Xpilot screen says “Waiting for xplane connection, make sure Xplane is running and a flight is loaded”, even though I have done all the afore-mentioned things.

Please help, thank you!


It looks like the plugin either didn’t get installed or is being blocked from running.

Plugin didn’t get installed:
Install Instructions
Be sure to pay close attention to the install steps for the X-Plane 12 location and X-Plane 11 location. These are the steps that install the correct plugin. Since you are using XP11, leave the XP12 location step blank and be sure to select the correct location for the XP11 step.

Plugin installed, but might be blocked by Windows / Antivirus:
xPilot FAQ

Seems like I have a problem with plugins as a whole, not just xpilot. No plugins show up at all. E.g. I just copied this HeadShaker plugin for more realistic cockpit movement, and nothing shows up in xplane at all. I reinstalled the entire game today too.


Is my plugins folder supposed to be completely empty on a fresh install? Cause that’s what it is right now (apart from the HeadShaker)

No, your plugins folder should not be empty with the base XP11 install.

At a minimum you should have the following in your \Resources\Plugins folder:

After xPilot is installed you will then have the folder:

I reinstalled the game but the folder remained empty, how do I put those files back in?

You can’t add those files manually as they are only added during the install process. Something is affecting your X-Plane 11 install. Be sure your antivirus program or Windows defender are not affecting the install.

Alright, I’ll try reinstall again with those things in mind. Thanks for the help Tom.

You could also try running the X-Plane update program. It scans all the files within your installation folder to see if any files are missing or need updating. In your X-Plane folder, run the X-Plane 11 Installer.exe file, and then select “Update X-Plane”.

I think I managed to find the problem. It seems that very weirdly my X-Plane files were duplicated. I somehow had 2 completely separate folders in which X-Plane was installed (so I had 2 copies of the entire game). It turns out that this entire time I was looking at the copy of X-Plane files that steam wasn’t using (Steam was reading the other folder). So when I re-installed the game, I expected the files in the plugins section to be reinstalled after I deleted them, and thus I was surprised when the plugins folder was still empty. The folder I thought was my main X-Plane folder remained untouched during the uninstall and installation as steam (and the game) completely ignored it. Thus any plugins I tried to put in there had no effect on the actual game.

No idea how this happened but I’m very relieved I sorted it out. Thanks again for your help!

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