xPilot - LOW FPS - Disconnections

xPilot beta-53. First off, I want to apologize for beating this dead horse for as much as I can find topics written about it. I’m running i9/12900 processor and an MXI 4070-Ti GPU which in my opinion should handle this issue with no problems. I’m running around 80-85 FPS most of the time. I have fluctuations lower in xPilot down to 0 most of the time.

I’m consistently getting disconnected especially when I am transmitting voice and usually right around approach to landing. I have tried multiple settings in XP12 but cannot find the correct combo to the config(s). I’m also running a 3-monitor configuration and I’m not sure if that’s compounding the issue(s). I have very good internet connection speeds also. Are there any straight answers to these issues, I cannot find them?

Do you have the 3jFPS plugin? That reduces the rendering of distant objects if the frame rate gets too low.

Hi David,
I reviewed the plugin, downloaded and installed it. I went through the wizard option and choose the options I considered to be relevant and/or close to what I needed to start off with. Though not real intuitive, we shall see.

This solution has yet to be proven out for me as I have not executed a trip as of late with this said configuration. Stay tuned…