xPilot - Icon at the SimAware map does not match my aircraft type?

Hello fellow VATSIMers,

When I look at the map.vatsim.net I can see that all the pilots are represented with differrent icons matching there aircraft type

I see that I am represented on the SimAware Map map.vatsim.net with an icon of an airliner… thinks its an A320… I newer fly airliners… mainly small GA and Ultra Light aircrafts.
I have no issues with the xPilot client when connecting a new session and specifying aircraft type like C150, C172, AP22 or FDCT

I use X-Plane 12.05 on linux with xPilot as my vatsim client.

I can find this entry in my log file… saying the

xPilot/XPMP2 INFO XPMPMultiplayer.cpp:518/XPMPSetDefaultPlaneICAO: Default ICAO aircraft type now is C172

Do you have any idea about what could be wrong… ?

Did you file a flight plan? simaware processes the flight plan to figure out what aircraft type you are, so if you don’t file one (or file one with an incorrect aircraft type) it won’t know what type of aircraft you are.

Hi Lars,

Thanks for your reply to my question. Yes… I always file a flightplan. There is an option from the xPilot client to open the flightplan site on VATSIM.

I made a test. First I went on the https://my.vatsim.net/pilots/flightplan and filed a flightplan, then I started the Xplane 12 system… and then the xPilot client… Connected with same callsign and ICAO plane ID, in this case C150 (Cessna 150). The xPilot client verifies that it knows the type.

When I go to the SimAware map… it shows aircraft type C150 but the icon is still the airliner Icon… ?

It might just not know the C150 or not have an icon for it then. If it shows up at C150 on simaware you did everything you could to make it show up correctly.

Hi Lars,

Thanks for taking the time to reply here in the forum on my question.

Yes… you are right… I tryed using aircraft type C172 and the icon was correct.

Thanks to everyone who gave thought to my problem.

I am going to close with this conclusion…