XPilot 2.00 bêta 48 doesn't connect to X-Plane 11


“Server list download succeeded. 1 server found

You are runing the latest version of xPilot”

but: “Waiting for X-Plane connection” and X-Plane is still runing

In a former log.txt of X-Plane: “Detected xPilot connection, disabling parked aircraft”

In the last log.txt of X-Plane:
0:00:00.000 xPilot/XPMP2 INFO XPMPMultiplayer.cpp:518/XPMPSetDefaultPlaneICAO: Default ICAO aircraft type now is A320
0:00:00.000 xPilot/XPMP2 INFO Sound.cpp:800/SoundInit: Initializing FMOD version 2.2.3
0:00:00.000 xPilot: xPilot plugin enabled

:09:34.939 xPilot/XPMP2 INFO XPMPMultiplayer.cpp:160/XPMPMultiplayerInit: XPMP2 3.1.1 with FMOD sound support initializing under X-Plane version 11550/OpenGL and XPLM version 303
0:09:34.939 I/PLG: The plugin xPilot 2.0.0-beta.49 is setting global TCAS override to 1.
0:09:34.939 xPilot: Now listening on ipc:///tmp//xpilot.ipc

Detected that xPilot has disconnected, restoring parked aircraft density

Detected xPilot connection, disabling parked aircraft

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Check out the FAQ section on the xPilot documentation website: xPilot for VATSIM

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I stoped all (firewall, anti-virus, anti spyware), nothing

So you’ve tried restarting your computer, running xPilot as an administrator, and using the TCP connection method (as defined in the link I posted), with no success?

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And you take me for a joke and more

@1280670 Justin is asking these questions because while there is an FAQ for xPilot, 9 times out of 10 users don’t read it and just go “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IT BROEK FIX ITE EWNUO:FHBWENUIOLFWFWD”. To answer your comment, no, Justin isn’t taking you for a joke, he is trying to help you. Justin is responsible for xPilot development.

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The solution for me was to right-click X-pilot and run as administrator.

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