X-plane on Mac connection

I am a new user and am unable to connect to x-plane on Mac OS - MacBook Air m2. Also network indicator is red!

error: Reading data failed: ‘Socket operation timed out’ https://datastore.swift-project.org/service/jsondbinfo.php
Error: Read data ‘Info objects (DB)’ entries: 0 state: failed from ‘https://datastore.swift-project.org/service/jsondbinfo.php
Warning: No network/internet access, cannot read VATSIM data file
Warning: Reading VATSIM status file failed ‘Socket operation timed out’ ‘https://status.vatsim.net
Warning: Reading VATSIM data file failed ‘Socket operation timed out’ ‘https://data.vatsim.net/v3/vatsim-servers.json

Any help would be much appreciated