Who flies in vatsim on gliders?

Good day to all! There was such a question. Who flies in vatsim on gliders? Maybe some kind of gliding clubs?

My first thought was probably not on VATSIM we’d have to be using MSFS for the thermals right?, but as I think about it , it might work. I’m a RW Gilder Instructor (CGI-G) and tow pilot. So I’m in it happens.

I’ve seen some gliders on the VFR evenings in Germany doing winch launches.

I am using motor gliders sometimes and do use ridge lift and thermals with them.

Unfortunately thermals and low atmosphere weather in X-Plane is not that great yet.

I dream of an online competition on VATSIM, but that’s a long way to go…

I might set something up like that for summer or late may…More to come soon