Which Sim is everyone using?

Hi All,

Just starting to get back into vatsim and flightsims, haven’t flown since msfs2020 got fully released so was just wondering what everyones goto Sim now days is.

Used to play xp11, but with msfs graphics thinking might move over to that, but is xp12 comparable to msfs these days? not just graphics wise

Also any pros and cons of any sim!

Thanks Everyone!

I have switched from XP11 to MSFS2020 some time ago. I am at peace with its flight dynamics, being aware that they are not as good as X-Plane. The eye-candy and the availability of quality freeware addons win.
From what I have seen from friends who are using X-Plane 12, the graphics have improved a lot, the weather and sky look really nice, sometimes even better than in MSFS2020. Flight dynamics should be better as well, but I cannot judge this as I am not using X-Plane 12.

P3Dv4 the only until MSFS get better

Agree to that