Where to find equipment ICAO/FAA for the new flight plan filing?

There is probably a website or something, can someone link it here? Thanks!

the wiki link is just a general overview, the foreflight link has some more details on the PBN codes, but for vatsim purposes most controllers should be happy if you have the main codes correct without the pbn codes in the remarks.

Also if you fly IFR and prefile from Simbrief, the codes are imported automatically.

In my experience, network controllers just assume you’re RNAV capable and don’t even look at your equip codes. Seems like whenever I fly radio nav only, I need to use the word “unable” several times in each sector even when filed correctly… So I’ve almost stopped caring enough to look up codes I don’t remember. Maybe I’ll start putting some plain language comments in the remarks :wink:.

at least till now as a controller I did almost not look at them as they were so unreliable with the mix of ICAO and FAA codes and the converisons inbetween those.

With more and more codes being correct due to more people directly prefiling from simbrief (and most people who are non-rnav knowing what they are capable of and filing correctly) it should become more reliable for controllers to look at the codes

I definitely recommend getting in the habit of filing correct equipment codes, if for no other reason that there are some future plans for functionality on the network that will depend on correct equipment codes, such as beacon code assignment, CPDLC, etc. The CPDLC thing is quite a ways off, and just an idea at this stage, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

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One of the best sources I have seen is on skyvector.com

If you go into the Edit Aircraft screen, Filing Info tab and you put your cursor in the “ICAO Equipment Code” field, you get a popup where you can select stuff. This will create the Code for your selection.

Same with Surveillance Equipment and RNAV and RNP PBN fields.

To get there you probably need a login account and have an aircraft created.


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An easy way is to use Simbrief. Simbrief will set these codes in function of your model. Generate the flightplan and copy from ATC flight plan part (open) e.g. second line -CRJ7/M-SDFGIRWY/S the SDFGIRWY is valid for the CRJ7

There is also this website:

Seen the link on this post about the new Flight Plan Form: