When procedures conflict with each other?

Hi I have a question, when two published procedures have conflicting altitude restrictions, which one should I obey? Specific example. Departing Dublin EIDW on the BOFU3J departure, the chart says at BOFUM below FL230 (Line above FL230). However BOFUM is the entry to the BOFUM1L arrival to EGGP. On the BOFUM1L arrival chart it says BOFUM AT FL270 (line above and below the FL). Which one should I obey?
Sorry if this is a silly question, this is a huge learning curve.

Happy flying, Dave EIDW

Hi David,
Dont worry I think no one question is useless but they are always helpfull for the community, so… In your case i suggest to you to consider only the SID chart if you’re departing or in alternative to follow the ATC controllers directions, but the important is to follow the charts in base of your needs, if you are departing look only the SID chart, if you are coming look only the STAR/APP charts and etc. etc.

Obviusly i also suggest to you to follow the controllers indications if they are online and also to talk on unicom for eventually directives or just see the traffic on your radar etc. etc.

And remember this: “On vatsim you can always ask an help to the ATC or SUP or another Guys on the forum on chat on vatsim official discord etc. etc.”.

And Finally I also suggest to you to consult always a website for a charts like navigraph or chartfox or etc. etc. but navigrpah is one of the best.

Hope that helps And I hope I haven’t made any mistakes in telling you these tips, :slight_smile:

Hi David, glad to see you flying into Dublin!

I appreciate the chart may be confusing, but there is some logic to it :slight_smile:

The FL270 level at BOFUM for EGGP traffic is used for non-Dublin traffic. As an example, if you fly from Shannon (EINN) and file FL330, then you must descend to be FL270 level by BOFUM. If Shannon Control is online, they’ll instruct you to descend to comply with this. If they’re not online then you can use that as a guide. Similarly, if you’ve flown transatlantic and are going into the Manchester clutch group (EGGP or EGCC), you may have crossed the ocean at FL410…the same applies there. You’ll be descended by Shannon Control (EISN_*_CTR) to be level at FL270 crossing BOFUM.

The standing agreement between EIDW and EGGP is that Dublin Control (EIDW_*_CTR) will climb any BOFUM outbounds to FL230 or below (e.g.: if you file FL210, you’ll get FL210).

Hope this helps.

If you have any further questions regarding Irish procedures, feel free to ask them here.


Thanks Phil and Alex for your comprehensive and kind replies. I had a look at flightaware for this evenings Ryanair flight and I see the cruise was at FL190 for the B738 and Emerald Air (ATR72, I presume) only got as far as FL150.
@Alex: Yes I have a Navigraph sub, I couldn’t even contemplate VatSim without this.
@phil I live a few minutes from EIDW. I think it’s probably best for a newbie, like me to fly to/from an airport that I know well. That agreement makes sense, it doesn’t seem reasonable for such a very short flight to have to make FL270.

Thanks again to both of you and I wish you safe flights.


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