What is the difference between on Vatspy

what is the difference between the thick and the thin control fields.

rol fields.

for example Norway and Sweden

Right click on each and view controller information which explains what each covers.

According to the VATSPY settings, the saturated (‘thick’) boundaries are Staffed FIR boundary and the unsaturated ones are UIR boundaries.

Staffed FIR boundary means a local controller is there, providing top-down service for the area.

UIR boundaries means a controller is there but does not provide top-down service, but only serves an Upper Information Region. For Eurocontrol this is FL245 and above (edit: and ONLY IF local ATC, the saturated one, is offline).

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And as the others stated, the area in which the Controller provides service is usually remarked in their controller info, accessible through the right-click context menu → <ATC_NAME> Details → Controller Info.

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