What informations in details are needed for VATSIM?

Hello, I want to connect a private simulator with high security information. I want to connect my aircraft to VATSIM but would like to know how the network works to send and collect aircraft data and my pilot’s voices. Do you know where I can find a document explaining how the software transmits data please?


Any data is gathered by the pilot client, it reports position, heading, speed, altitude, aircraft type and a few other parameters to the server to allow others to see you. As for voices they’re sent via an encrypted socket to our audio server and then rebroadcasted to other clients which are within range.

I’m not sure what your use case is, as flight sim online environments aren’t deemed “high security”.

If you want to chat about this in more detail, drop us an email: tech@vatsim.net


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I’m not sure what a high security environment is either. A couple of real world airlines have connected simulators to VATSIM.

To understand how VATSIM transmits aircraft data and pilot voices, you can find detailed documentation on their official website. Look for resources such as user manuals, technical guides, or FAQs. Additionally, you may find helpful information in online forums or communities dedicated to flight simulation and VATSIM.
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