What does Vpilot connect too?

I continue to be frustrated with the 8.33 implementation because PMDG has yet to update the P3D NGXu. As l run a full sim l managed to incorporate the IOModules beta version that allows me to tune 8.33 frequencies. However, Vpilot will only display the the closest 25 range E.g. l tuned 120.805 on my hardware but Vpilot read it as 120.800 (this is the same with other 8.33 freqs). So as the title reads, what is Vpilot looking for or at when ‘it’ selects the frequency?

Cheers Steve

Have you tried using the .com1 command in vPilot? For example, type:

.com1 120.805

and hit Enter. This command sets your com 1 radio to 120.805 or any applicable frequency as required.

I’m not a developer, but I believe it uses the COM ACTIVE FREQUENCY:index / COM STANDBY FREQUENCY:index simulation variables through SimConnect.

Unfortunately, PMDG doesn’t seem interested in updating their older software.
As Resh said, until/unless they do, the recommended workaround is using the .com1 or .com2 keyboard commands.

Thanks for the reply guys. I am aware of the .com1 option but it totally defeats the purpose of having comms hardware. Sadly PMDG have ceased updating P3D products since 2020 came on the scene. Annoying given the NGXU is a much more stable platform with P3D. It also means I will be avoiding Europe until they fix it.

Cheers Steve

This is not a bug. 120.805 is an 8.33 kHz channel. A real world radio set to this channel tunes frequency 120.800. Numerous sim aircraft correctly model how the 8.33 kHz radio works.

The problem here is how VATSIM treats 120.800 and .805 as different frequencies.

I found a related topic on the PMDG forums. The answer you are looking for regading P3D update may be found here: 8.33 KHz implementation. - PMDG Simulations.

Thanks David - hence my question regarding what VATSIM is connecting to. As stated, not expecting much from PMDG and won’t use the .com feature. Also not the least bit interested in 2020 as I’ve invested too much in P3D over the years.

Thanks Resh, l have already been through this with PMDG.

Cheers Steve

That’s correct for reading the active frequency, but vPilot does not read the standby frequency at all.