What are your opinions about DCS and vatsim?

Hello everyone. I know this gets asked a lot around here, but new information regarding the future of DCS has come to light and I want you guys’ opinions on whether there is a future between the sim and the network.

Firstly, this gets thrown around a lot regarding this discussion: “Oh but it’s called Digital COMBAT Simulator, no combat is allowed on the network”. I agree that no combat should be allowed other than training exercises, but it is clear that DCS is shifting its sights to new possibilites. The upcoming MH-47 and C-130 modules are completely weapon-less and purely logistics centered.

What motivated me to make this post though is the announcement that the C-130 will be getting a fully up-to-date civilian AIRAC. It is clear that ED and its partners want to attract the civvie crowd over to the sim, and I believe it is a perfect chance for vatsim to finally open its doors.

There are already many virtual squadrons and air forces approved by the network, vRAF being one of the most notable. DCS could mean a whole new variety of possibilities regarding air operations, such as AAR, SAR, etc…

Regarding the limitations of the sim to inject traffic via an external plugin, there are already a variety of LUA plugins that manipulate the game in similar fashions, and I’m sure ED would be interested in talking to the VATSIM developer team regarding a client.

I think that with the upcoming C-130 and world autogen map, the future is looking very bright for a possible DCS implementation. Imagine training exercises on-line on the nevada map with manned ATC. But most importantly, what are the vatsim community’s thoughts on the matter?

At this time it is not known whether DCS can be made compatible with VATSIM, however, if such integration can be achieved efforts would be made to accommodate its use for Special Operations Administration approved organizations.

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I’d certainly be interested in a logistics aspect … FSEconomy comes to mind. But I have to wonder For why use DCS?

p.s. I have lots of airplanes and campaigns there, while having been far more seat-time flying in ArmA.

Well there’s a very good reason for using DCS over any other simulator and that is there’s no other military addons that match the quality of the ones offered by ED. Plus, a large amount of very highly trained vSOAs already operate exclusively in DCS. This could offer a brand new type of very well trained traffic as a challenge to ATCs near military exercise areas.


Oh, heh, I for sure left one thing ambiguous! The reason i have “lots of planes and campaigns” is that I’ve been an early adopter. (I had it right alongside BGE and America’s Army 2.)
So definitely I don’t need to be sold on its qualities! But … I really was honed in on for what, and why.

Blockquote “a large amount of very highly trained vSOAs already operate exclusively in DCS.”

Bang. That’s a huge fact, and something I had not realized; glad I asked.
thanks very much!

p.s. thinking about transferring mods from Steam version to EA. If there’s some substantial advantage, let me know?

It’s also worth noting that DCS has absolutely stellar flight modeling; I mean, STELLAR. Like nothing I’ve seen in any civilian sim.

DCS with a world map and Vatsim would be a lot of fun.