What about these ranks?

when visiting my profile, I noticed the “P0” rank of mine. I don’t care about that really, but I’m just curious how they are assigned, as after 800 hours online I should have leveled up, haven’t I? I read about doing tests, but I couldn’t find them yet. I joined the network in early 2020, where the new registration system with a exam first wasn’t implemented so far. What even are the benefits from having a higher rank, and can you explain me where these tests are?

Thanks and kind regards,

Nope, progression of ranks is not done by hours online. You must register with an ATO and take the rank courses to obtain them.

The rank list is:

The benefits of having a higher rank are purely the knowledge you gain from studying, taking practical and theoretical exams.

You can click here for more information about the ATO roster and the rank progression system.