Whar is the 4 dme proceed and how i will do it

largen radar dlh3910 , heading 160 , speed 180 knots
right heading 160 , speed 180 knots , dlh3910
largen radar dlh3910 right heading 220 , cleared ils approche runway 25r , speed 160 knots until 4 dme
right heading . cleared ils approch runway 25r speed 160 knots until 4 dme , dlh3910

how i will do this until 4 dme i will see it some where ?

this is a copy from a video phraseology to get the meaning how to

So the DME is a Distance Measuring Equipment that is radio based, so you would need to tune a radio to the assigned frequency, and the your instruments will show the distance from that Device (DME).

You can obtain the frequency from the chart for the approach they have cleared you for. That way as you approach/cross the four mile range from that device you are triggered to do something as instructed.

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By using the appropriate function in your aircraft to display the distance to a DME.

Let’s make this easier. If you have set up your NAV1 for the ILS approach, NAV1 should be tuned to the frequency for the ILS. It should already tell you the distance that you currently are from the station there the ILS is located. That distance is the DME. The closer you get to that station, the lower the distance (DME) will get.

What @1656497 needs to do is watch NAV1, and maintain the assigned speed until NAV1 hits 4DME, then manage his own speed as needed for landing. This involves actually looking at the instruments instead of letting the instruments handle the entire critical phase of flight.