West Coast Jobs

G’day aviators, I fly a H145 SAR helicopter based at CYYJ on the VATSIM network. I was hoping to organize a scenario during West Coast Wednesday where I would conduct a SAR operation and then meet one of you flying a fixed wing careflight for a patient transfer. Just thought it would be something different, let me know if you’re interested. Also open to any other ideas. Fair Winds

Please be aware of the restrictions on SAR missions.

2.1.7 Activities Restricted to Special Operations Partners
SOA organizations are permitted to engage in the following activities:
● Conducting joint training exercises with other approved VSO organizations
● War games
● Air to air refuelling
● Carrier operations
● Flying low level military routes
● Flying escort missions
● Executing air combat manoeuvres
● Interception/scramble of other aircraft #
● Having access to special use airspace.
● Search & Rescue Operations**
● Firefighting Operations**
● Launch and Recovery of Space Vehicles
● Air Displays (Flying Displays, Races) ***