Was there a change in traffic behavior?

i am not sure but it seems like as of recently i no longer see tcas targets when im on the ground unless they are within a very close range (1nm?). once im in the air it seems to behave as it always has (showing targets out to my vpilot max range)

is it being inhibited by vpilot or is this something on my end.

Maybe a feature of the aircraft you’re flying? I highly doubt it’s induced by the pilot client; just yesterday, I could still see aircraft up until the maximum range of the traffic display in the GNS530 while still on the ground.

the thing is, theres been no updates to the pmdg aircraft for p3d in some time so i dunno. this is relatively recent behavior.

Definitely not vPilot … vPilot has no control over TCAS behavior. vPilot just creates aircraft models, it’s up to the aircraft developer to decide how to show them on their TCAS.

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Is TCAS suppose to work on the ground? I’ve never seen it work as TCAS on the ground.

i mean it doesnt show traffic thats also on the ground, but when IM on the ground, it has always shown traffic in the air (and maybe ground targets above a certain speed iirc)

I know the PMDG has parameters that can be set, eg within a range, within altitude band. So sitting on the ground I have never seen a TCAS of another aircraft. To be less than 1000’ and within 3nm they would need to be outside landing profile. Just my thoughts.

The real thing would show any traffic that is moving above a certain speed. No matter whether you activate your TCAS while you are sitting on the ground or in the air.

yeah thats my understanding. i have always been able to see anyone on tcas on short final. lately not always. maybe if someones xpndr is off it’s not showing? really just trying to figure out if its on my end or not because its a recent thing and i havent changed anythying in years.

I don’t think it’s the transponder, because vPilot doesn’t “tell” the sim whether or not each aircraft’s transponder is on, therefore your TCAS gauge wouldn’t have any way of knowing.

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