Walker VA (WAT) AI traffic for P3D please?


I see WAT VA flying a lot on VATSIM.
Is there any AI package so I can see their liveries ?
(Like UKV made…)


Walker is a virtual airline. Check out their site. Walker Air Transport. I joined them last weekend, very feedback, informative vAirline. Here is their fleet/liveries.

I’m sure they are a great VA.
I was just looking to get their AI modeling so I would be able to see their liveries while flying online.

There are plenty of MSFS model matching liveries for WAT, just check out FSLTL liveries list:

Type in “WAT” and you’ll see there’s a WAT livery for about 20 different models.
In order to install those, just get the FBW installer and download the whole model and livery package :slight_smile:

You just need to add entries to your .vmr file in order to see them in your sim.
(Not sure if FSLTL provides a .vmr file).

Thank you!
Im using P3D will it work as well ? Or is it MSFS only ?

Hi Ittai,
They have a lot of liveries also for a P3D :slight_smile:

You can check all here → WALKER AIR FLEET/LIVERY


But looking for WALKER VA AI traffic for P3D…

Forgive me, I was vague in answering you earlier, what I meant is that they have many liveries for P3D and probably their own Loader/AI/etc etc but I’m not sure it’s public, in case try contacting a VA staff member and see what do they tell you.

Hope to have help you :slight_smile: