vUSAF Begins Global Goodwill Diplomat Tour

JOINT BASE ANDREWS, MD – – In the early morning hours today, the Virtual United States Air Force transported POTUS, VPOTUS and several diplomats to Albania on the beginning of a global goodwill tour. The Virtual 89th Airlift Wing transported the diplomats, and there was fighter escort and tanker support throughout the trip from Eastern US to Southeastern Europe, with assets launched to support the mission from multiple stateside and European air bases. The diplomats were transported safely and securely, and the fighters were able to extend global reach through aerial refueling.

These are just some of the fun operations that may only be conducted by trained and qualified VATSIM Special Operations pilots. The Virtual United States Air Force (vUSAF) is currently looking to add additional pilots that are disciplined, appreciate a higher level of training and mission work, and have a great time doing it. Please visit for more information or to join the fun.

Though most controllers (rightfully) roll their eyes and groan (or worse) when they see AF1 and/or AF2 on their scopes, based on some individuals’ actions, vUSAF aims to always fly these flights to the utmost professional standards.