VSR and vPilot unicom question

Quick question: using VSR/vPilot on the all-in-one tablet in VR which is amazing. Normally when there’s no ATC I tune 122.8 and type actions in vPilot (e.g.,N35DX departing RWY23 clmb 5000), which is a bit cumbersome in VR. How do you type a 122.8 action with the VSR interface on the tablet in VR?

Thanks in advance

I don’t know what VSR is or does, so this may be a silly question… But… Why would you type on unicom instead of just use voice?

It might be a legacy holdover, but in the past, like 10 years ago, we didnt use 122.8 for voice. So, can we transmit with voice on 122.8 now?

You can transmit voice on 122.8, however the range is artificially limited to 15 nm. This isn’t particularly helpful of you’re 20 nm north of an airport on descent and there’s another aircraft 20 nm south going to the same destination - text is the only way to make your intentions known.

It’s relatively common to see text messages like “ABCD tfc, 25nm north inbound for rwy 27, est touchdown 1015z” or similar. However calling established/on final, entering/crossing/vacating a runway, etc are more often done on voice as it generally only affects those at or within 10nm of an airport.

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Understand. My question is with vPilot on a desktop monitor you can type in location or intent on 122.8 in the absence of any ATC coverage. With VSR and the all-in-one tablet the vPilot panel/functionality is by in large replicated by VSR within VR. However, I’m not sure how to type in VSR with 122.8 selected. I know you can message active ATC and other VATSIM pilots within VSR, is that the same if I click on 122.8 and message?

Hope that makes sense. Thanks again.

You can use the messaging network feature on 122.8 (leave the to field blank) in VSR to send a message on that frequency (message is the second menu item on top bar on VSR) use the virtual keyboard as using the normal keyboard in MSFS will trigger keyboard linked simulator actions