vSMR PDC not including RWY, SID, and SSR

I was trying to use PDC earlier today, I received a PDC request from an aircraft. When I opened the PDC menu everything was there except the RWY, SID, and SSR. I couldn’t make changes to these fields.
Any tips on getting these fields to fill in?
example of the pdc, cant edit RWY, DEPARTURE, INIT CLB, and SSR

You have to select runway, SID and altitude in the departure list of Euroscope. The SMR-items in this list have to activated from the departure list setup menu.

I’ve already selected the runway, sid, and climb in the dep list but the SMR PDC menu’s still not syncing to what I’ve selected

Did you manually select the items RUNWAY, SID, CFL and ASSR? Or did Euroscope populate them automatically?

Otherwise: what version of vSMR are you using? The latest? Is vSMR plugin allowed to “draw” on the respective radar screens (plugin setup)?

I manually selected everything, the vSMR version is 1.5.127

hmm, I have a different version. Trying to find out whether mine is more recent or not.

alright i figures it out, if i press message, it wont populate
if i press confirm, it will
thank you so much for trying to help :slight_smile:

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