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I urgently need help to create a file for vatsim for German police and air rescue helicopters H135 and H145 (model matching).
A file from flightsim.to for model match is old and does not work as it should. Can anyone help and please help me develope a working vrm?
We have different callsign and registartiom to include in the file!
We using the HPG145 and HPG135 with liverys from flightsim.to (ADAC, Polizei, DRF, and BMI, SAR).


The vPilot documentation describes how to create a .vmr file :slight_smile:

Thank you. For me a bit complicated! I will pay you, can you develope me one working file?

Or it is possible to write for exanple a xml for one prefix and he show every time one model?
For example: chx = adac xy h135 model
Bpo = police xy h145 model
If yes the. We need only few rules.
But if one player log on with a registration like D-HYPE then no match

It’s very easy, you just create a basic file that looks like this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Then you add

<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="x" TypeCode="y" ModelName="z" />

x is the callsign prefix; essentially anyone logged in with a callsign that begins with this alphanumeric sequence could be matched

y is the ICAO type code that people have connected with, a list of all (current) type codes is available here

z is the actual model, which you will find in the livery’s aircraft.cfg file as the title parameter

So, as an example, you have a Cirrus SR22 model for a specific callsign and want to match that to everyone who’s logged in as an SR22 with that callsign. The line could look like this

<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DECGB" TypeCode="SR22" ModelName="Cirrus SR22 D-ECGB" />

This won’t match to any SR22 unless it has this specific callsign, and vice versa it won’t match to anyone flying as DECGB unless they are using an SR22.
If I wanted to match this model to all SR22s that use a correct German registration for the type, I would not use the entire callsign, but only the DE part, so

<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DE" TypeCode="SR22" ModelName="Cirrus SR22 D-ECGB" />

And if I wanted to match that to all SR22s regardless of callsign, I could simply leave out the CallsignPrefix parameter like this

<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="SR22" ModelName="Cirrus SR22 D-ECGB" />

Now let’s say I had multiple SR22 models and wanted to match them randomly. In that case, I could simply specify multiple models for the ModelName parameter

<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="SR22" ModelName="Cirrus SR22 D-ECGB//SR 22 Livery 01//SR22 Asobo" />

So, of course, you could create a model matching file like the following (assuming what you used for your examples are the aircraft titles from the cfg files)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="CHX" TypeCode="EC35" ModelName="adac xy h135 model" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="BPO" TypeCode="EC45" ModelName="police xy h145 model" />

and if you have more than one type for a specific callsign, say, an H145 using CHX, you can simply add another line to specify that, e.g.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="CHX" TypeCode="EC35" ModelName="adac xy h135 model" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="CHX" TypeCode="EC45" ModelName="adac xy h135 model" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="BPO" TypeCode="EC45" ModelName="police xy h145 model" />

Ok thanks
And how create a xml File? Is there a freeware? But vpilot can uplad only vrm files or not?

Doesnt work
I downoaded xml notepad i saved the file cant losd it in vpilot

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

for example… but I would need few ec45 too

It works it saved and load up.
I now habe to try if the match works

Hello, how can I program this so that if someone flies an H135 or H145 but uses a completely unknown callsign, e.g. D-HYPE or FRS60, an H135 or H145 of a certain livery is displayed?

Is it possible to program this so that if someone is flying an H160 but the model is not installed, a freeware H135 is displayed? If so, how?

Thank you

So you could program it so that vpilot definitely displays a helicopter even if the model is not installed. It would be enough if it was the bell from fs2020, as long as it wasn’t a cessna.
You would just have to add a few helicopter models in the vmr like this

When the callsign is irrelevant:

You can simply define the model under ModelName, it doesn’t have to match the actual aircraft.

You can look at the MSFS stock Bell’s aircraft.cfg file, get the title parameter from there, and define it as a model for any aircraft type you want. What you can’t do is say “match this model to any helicopter” unless you write a .vmr file that assigns a model to every helicopter type code.

And it is the case that if there is a suitable model then this is selected, right?
For example:
User A has no helicopters installed, there is an H145 at the airport. His vmr puts him in a Bell

User B: This user has the same VMR but has installed an H145 model. Does Vpilot now put down an H145 or, as in the lottery, a Bell or an H145 at will?

Thx a lot

No, a VMR is specific to the models a user has on their drive.

The VMR can’t match a model that is not on the drive. If it sees a model referenced in a VMR that is not on your drive, it will not be able to match anything there; it might find something fitting in a line that’s further down or in another VMR, in any other case it will match what it would match if you had no VMR at all.

I tryed an we tested but we got match error. We have both the same Helicopter and Liverys installed I was online as CHX3 and he see me only as EC35 and got error not installed livery…
I had no error but I see the other one as BPO140 in EC35 and not EC45

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

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