VRC 1.3.0 released

VRC 1.3.0 is now available via the website or through the automatic update in the client.

:warning: As previously announced in March 2021, VRC is end-of-life. Facilities should continue moving to newer clients (CRC, EuroScope, vatSys). :warning:
We may continue to issue infrequent updates to VRC in order to ensure it can continue to operate on the network. New features, except for security and operational updates, will not be added to VRC.


  • Added support for automatic server selection over HTTP.
  • Implemented EVAC packet.
  • Implemented Ghost functionality. (Supervisory usage only)
  • Implemented secure authentication with FSD.


  • BREAKING: Removed the ATISMaker functionality. vATIS should be used in its place.
  • BREAKING: Removed aircraft position interpolation in 3D radar mode.
  • Changed the WALLOP text color to orange.
  • Increased the saturation of the red text color.
  • Removed legacy multiplayer session functionality. No current simulator supports the old MP protocol.
  • Removed legacy voice functionality. Audio for VATSIM has replaced all prior voice systems.
  • Removed the aircraft info file auto-updater. The file is no longer updated.
  • Removed the oceanic tracks window. The data source used is no longer available.
  • Updated several internal libraries.


  • Ctrl-A in the chat window now functions properly.
  • Installer now correctly installs the VRC font.
  • The password field is now correctly validated.
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